DateTitleBible VersePastor
21/01/18Be Holy as your Heavenly Father is HolyLeviticus 19:1-2, Matthew 5:48Rev. Sione Alo Fakahua
14/01/18ListenJohn 1:43-51 Samuel 3:1-10Rev. Deok Hee Cho
07/01/18Meaning of BaptismMark 1:4-11; Acts 19:1-7Rev. Deok Hee Cho
25/12/17Christmas PeaceLuke 2:1-14Rev. Deok Hee Cho
24/12/17Here I am Lord, your servantLuke 1:26-38Rev. Deok Hee Cho
17/12/17Rejoice!1 Thessalonians 5:16-24Rev. Deok Hee Cho
10/12/17Turn AroundMark 1:1-8, Isiah 40:1-11Rev. Deok Hee Cho
03/12/17Advent HopeMark 13:24-37Rev. Deok Hee Cho
26/11/17Jesus the Shepard KingMatthew 25:31-46Rev. Deok Hee Cho
19/11/17Use the gifts that God has given youMatthew 25:14-30Rev. Deok Hee Cho
12/11/17Are you readyMathew 25:1-13Rev. Deok Hee Cho
05/11/17HumilityMatthew 23:1-12Rev. Deok Hee Cho
22/10/17Is it right to pay taxes to Caeser or notMatthew 22:15-22Rev. Deok Hee Cho
15/10/2017Peace be with youPhillipians 4:1-9Rev. Deok Hee Cho
08/10/17How can I change my life?Phillipians 3:4-14Rev. Deok Hee Cho
01/10/17Unity and PrayerPhilippians 2:1-13Rev. Deok Hee Cho
24/09/17Gods GraceMatthew 20:1-16Rev. Deok Hee Cho
17/09/17How many times?Matthew 18:21-35Rev. Deok Hee Cho
10/09/17Love Your Neighbour!Romans 13:8-14Rev. Deok Hee Cho
03/09/17If any want to be my followersMatthew 16:21-28Rev. Deok Hee Cho
27/08/2017Who do you say that I amMatthew 16:13-20Rev. Deok Hee Cho